The mission of the Los Angeles Roller Club is to promote the standard of the Birmingham Roller, create and participate in competitions crafted to promote those qualities, and to produce strains which will perpetuate  this great breed.


We would like to welcome you to the virtual home of the Los Angeles Roller Club.  Navigating our site is quite simple, with most of the controls found in the far right -hand column.  Under our Competition & Judging, Breeding, Flying & Training column you will find materials consistent with our endeavours to sustain and promote ideal Birmingham Rollers.  Also, you can click on any members name and be routed to their personal pages complete with biographies and photographs.

Visit our Recent Posts column and you will auotmatically be routed to the thoughts and opinions of members who collectively have over 200 years exeperience in flying, breeding and maintaining Birmingham Rollers.

The LARC believes that this site is our contribution to the hobby & sport we all love.  We also understand that writing, documentation, and the sharing of ideas and information is the best way for us to collectively breed birds that approach the ideal standard.  To this end we encourage you to visit frequently, comment often, and offer ideas and suggestions that will make this site better.

Many thanks from the Los Angeles Roller Club.



  1. Looks like a great site, been looking for a new one! I would like to join if you will have me! Were exactly do I sign up !

    Val Reneau

    • Thanks Val,
      We would be glad to have you as a member if we were a big enough club. We are just a local Los Angeles club. Maybe we will get ambitious some day and expand, but for now we are just concentration on getting some good birds flying and competing with our “new” rules.

  2. what;s up guys it good to see you guys are going thing now with the club i talk to DARRYL B b he told me you was going to get it going and it good to see you guys are. hope all IS good. the fishing right now suck. just rock fish and a few bass have a good one guys.
    lil ric
    west side roller loft

    • Hey Ric,
      Yup, we are back in action… Taking our best shot… So Darryl told you about the fishing.. Well, Guess I’ll find out if it is any good or not this weekend…maybe.. I love the rockfish when nthey hit the table tho…

  3. cockncider Says:

    looking foward to jump back in the spotlite for 2009.
    this time in my on back yard.

  4. Errol Forney Says:

    Larclub I am originally from the Compton area (left in ’73), now living in east Texas (Nacogdoches). Raised and flew rollers as a yougster in Compton and Adult in Texas in ’80s. Considering re-entry into rollers and would appreciate visiting you guys on one of my trips to the Los Angeles area. Since retirement I frequently visit relatives in the Compton, Los Angeles and San Diego areas. Please respond privately to my email address if a visit is possible.
    Thanks You.

  5. Hey Errol,
    I am sure that we can arrange something; i will email you privately.

  6. Great looking site Paul and all you members of the LARC! Good luck with your breeding season and may all your roller dreams come true!

  7. Todd DiAntonio Says:

    Paul,is that blue check badge on the top photo a Norwood bird? Sure looks like one….Aloha,Todd

    • Hi Todd,
      That is my fastest spinner from last year. It is my family. I haven’t crossed in about 25 years, but I did use some blood from Cornell in making my family. I put my family “tree” on my page.

  8. Very nice web page I really like this web page…………Donny James

    • larclub Says:

      Hey Donny,
      Thanks for the compliment..!! I don’t know if you know it or not, but you have a book coming to you from your friend, Ralph… who brought his rollers from New York to Puerto Rico, and has still not met another roller breeder there.

  9. Nick Siders Says:

    Very clean; very classy. I enjoyed it.

  10. Yes Sir Paul, best wishes for LARC in the furture hopefully you guys can put on a good lawn show this year,I got my birds going good and if all is well 2010 is going to be my time to put them GOMEZ birds in the air to bring the noise, I got about allmost 100 kit birds all bred up strictly for performance and the (showy look).see you around buddy, LOWES LOFT PHELAN CAL.

    • Hey Darnell,
      The club had our first fly the weekend of the 15th and 16th. It was a trial run to practice judging the birds and to get into the swing of things. We made some definite progress.

  11. fernado chagas Says:

    me gustaría comprar huevos de palomas birminghan rollers,soy brasileñ puedes ayudarme haga contacto por el correo que sigue……..saludos desde Brasil.

    • Es possible–que numero de palomas birmingham rollers es quieren? primero, es muy caro to enviar–pero, es possible. tu hablas english?

      Pedro Blanco

  12. Found bird-Deceased tags–Johnny & Green Loft LA Roller Club 861 816 9146 861 810 1491
    Blue Tag-Large 10 406

    Found Near 83rd and Lincoln 90045 No visible signs of injury Thursday May 20

    Possibly a link or message center on the website would be helpful for people who find tagged birds and wish to notify someone.

    • larclub Says:

      Thanks for taking the time to contact the LARC regarding your find. I will look into the possibility of crafting a tool that allow finders of lost birds to input band data and transmit in real time. Also, I will out which LARC member has that band series and post that information for you.


  13. stephen craig aristei Says:

    I am trying to find a good home for three kit lofts….they were once featured in the old Roller Journal…..each holds 24 birds (box perches) and all have wire bottems for easy cleaning, fit side by side on a piece of 4 x 8 plywood and are lite, easy to move and have “funnel” drop holes (traps)….I am wondering if some young fancier might need them or someone else…I simply want to get them out of storage (costing me too much and taking up to much room)……Please email me with any ideas…thanks,

  14. Found in South Gate, CA: tag CBRC 09 364. This guy has been hanging out at our house since 4th of july 2010. tonight he finally decided to spend the night. we don’t know much about caring for this bird, so i’m searching on the internet hoping to locate its owner who can take him home before his health is in danger. please help or forward. he’s getting some food and water from us, but there are signs its in need of better care.

  15. I was given a bird with a LARC band. How do I contact the owner of this bird? Would they even want it back? Sorry didn’t see anywhere else to post this question.

  16. Nice site,good info.

  17. stephen craig aristei Says:

    all three kit lofts are very light, movable and intelligently built….each box holds 24 birds with individual box perches….., screen bottom for easy cleaning, drop style traps with landing board in door…..seen in photos in the old Roller Journal mag. contact me via email and I will send you pics….I have them in storage and can’t afford to store them any more ! Help ! Stephen – 1-310-684-3443 – email me and I will send photos

  18. Johnny Soto Says:

    Strayed in a young 2010 blue bar hen. The band says LA Breeders. Anyone know anything about LA Breeders?? I tried searching for a website to find the owner and no website. Thanks.

    • Yes Johnny, LA Breeders does not have a website. It is run by Ron Dent. His shop is located in Los Angeles on Western at 98th street. His phone # is 323-242-1070.
      Thanks, Paul

  19. When is the next “Bird’in out interview? In my opinion, they are the BEST pigeon interviews on the web today! Great Job!

  20. anthonywoerner Says:

    great web site i am going to start seeing all the the great rollers guys been out for about a year but just bought some prop where i dont have f…….. falcons i love it to all the roller guy good luck in 2011

  21. chris miller Says:

    Does anyone know how to get a hold of Sam Smith in long beach? I am new to the Roller world and would like to learn and get to know local breeders.

    Thank you

  22. juan villa Says:

    I am juan and i am looking for rollers i intresting in buying a few pairs of paloms or jacconette and if any one has info ,on my friend manuel pacheco or sam gutirezs

    • larclub Says:

      Juan, You can probably get in touch with either of those guys either on the Roller World or QSDC site.

  23. I am looking to purchase some Red Black or Blue shields. If you have any for sale give me a email I would also like to join the club. How do I go about it.

    • Hello Santo,
      Sorry about the slow response, I haven’t been on the site much for a long while, and the club is not active. Idon’t know anyone with Shields.


  24. Luis Moreno Says:

    Hello, I am getting back into birds and am looking for breeders in the LA area. Can you guys recomend anyone? Thanks in advance

  25. Actually I was doing something totally different today. However, it took me reminiscing to the time I was raising roller pigeons in Los Angeles, CA. So many memories, experiences, and fun-times spent I thought I got to get back into the game. But I don’t know how, I have nothing; no cage, birds – nothing! All I have is experience, a few old pictures, and some amid new ideas to share with the entire roller community/sport. So I thought: how, what, and where do I start? I’d appreciate any suggestions.
    Thank you.

  26. hi i just purchase 12 birds in the pet store jonh ‘s feed store all are icrc bands # 1217 , 1230 , 1244 , 1251 , 1938 , 6 , 1475 , 1294 and more , when i saw them i got them all for $ 100 and they got more , if you could tell me who the owner of band # 1200 and up for the clud icrc , thanks

  27. Dear Sirs,
    i am one of the breeders in my country and would like to find someone that i can buy fancy pigeons from and he ship them to me.

    hoping that you can help me in this matter.

    Abd Ali

    • Sorry about taking so long to get in touch with you.
      I have birds available, but i don’t know about shipping out of the country.
      Paul Gomez

  28. Where are the muffed birds coming from? I see them in some Sam Smith birds are they Plonas?

    • I believe that most breeders could probably produce muffs from their current birds if they took enough time working st it.

  29. I found a just a blue bird band from your club today 10-19-14 in Denver Colorado. It is #34. Hope this information helps someone know where the bird was at one time. The band was in good shape and easily readable.

    • Thanks a lot for the information. It’s pretty surprising that the bird was found so far away from Los Angeles. I appreciate your efforts letting us know.

  30. I would like to join,my favorite pigeons are rollers.this been my hobby for many years fying pigeons.

  31. Dora Alvarez Says:

    good morning, i need some direction. i found a pigeon last night (domesticated) with a red tag that reads bcrc 692 (or 652 i dont remember i left the bird at home) 2016. how can i find the owner? is it possible? where can i take the bird if i dont find the owner. it was about to be eaten by a hawk, so it’s a bit injured. help.

    thank you

    • FaTRaT Rollers Says:

      Hi there! Are you near the long beach area? I had a few birds that got scared away by the hawk and didn’t return. Some which had BCRC(red band) and Roller World.

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